Beyond today, from Eliud Kipchoge's example who will you commit to become? Thank you #eliudkipchoge for teaching us such profound lessons in the 4L’s of life, love, leadership & legacy. With your example today leading to 1:59:40 you have taught us:

  • The value of humility & detachment.
  • The value of marriage & family.
  • The value of influencers & your personal board of directors- herein called pacemaker.
  • The value of a dream, vision & stretch goal.
  • The value of daily discipline.
  • The value of your mindset & heart-set.
  • The value of sacrifice.
  • The value of virtuous habits.
  • The value of service for others.
  • The value of patriotism.
  • The value of courage to change a narrative radically.

You have made us Kenyans & human beings simultaneously proud & humbled.

May we each take just one lesson beyond the excitement of today and implement it to become our next best selves.

Which of these lessons shall you apply before December 2019?

Who will you be accountable to?

Who will you be a pacemaker for?