On Monday 22nd of July 2019, fifteen Chinese students from China, the USA, and the UK had the opportunity to have a session with our CEO and Founder Dr. Patricia Murugami. This was made possible by VIO- Link Africa which connects volunteers, researchers and interested parties to development projects, opportunities and organizations in East Africa. From time to time they receive foreign and local groups wanting to learn from the Kenyan development processes/experiences in Kenya/elsewhere and the impact being made.

“Did you know that each of us was born to be an answer to someone’s problem? Whose problem are you solving?” Dr. Murugami posed to the students as she started off her session. She explained to them that the only way you get to know whose problem you are solving is to know your purpose in the world as everybody is born with a purpose.

It was fascinating to see the interest that the students had in women and leadership and their quest to know how it was possible to have more women in leadership and what can be done to empower women. They also asked how the two countries could collaborate to help in areas such as education. They asked questions on how to find their purpose and how as individuals they can contribute towards women in leadership.

As the session come to an end the students felt that each in their own way had a part to play to make a difference. During their stay in the country, they had attended other sessions and this session gave them the women in leadership perspective. We at Breakthrough Leadership Transformation are keen to reshape leadership in Africa and beyond.