Over the years, I have heard the chance to develop leaders for board service and catalyze boards' performance to become more impactful through their board retreat sessions with Breakthrough Leadership Transformation - BLT Group.

One critical question that always seems to be unclear is the board's role in setting the tone and culture of the organization.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are serving on a board or intending to join a board.

During this global pandemic:

1. What has your board done to demonstrate compassion to the employees and other stakeholders?

2. How does your board treat mistakes, product and service failures, and new ideas?

3.Does it cultivate a spirit of fail fast and forward to innovate and solve the new emerging problems?

4. Does the board take decisions with courage?

5. Does your board suffer from analysis -paralysis?

6. Has your board embraced technology to be more effective?

7. Is your board a true representation of the market it serves? Is it diverse and inclusive?