BeAWiIIL Global Network

Breakthrough African Women in Intentional Impactful Leadership Global Network is a network of leaders who intend to grow so as to lead intentionally and with a transformational impact. If you are ready to grow with purposeful intention, give generously to mentor and grow others with your words and example and live a multigenerational impact, then this is your Global Network.

BeAWiIIL Global Network was founded by Dr. Patricia Murugami after her deep and illustrious career of over two decades in multiple sectors. In that time she realised that people struggle to be leaders because they focus on hierarchical power rather than character power. Together with her exceptional team at Breakthrough Leadership Transformation, they are launching this network to enable many men and women to understand the power of intentional growth and that we can only rise sustainably by lifting others.

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3 months

KSh 6,000
USD 60


6 months

KSh 12,000
USD 120

1 year

KSh 24,000
USD 240