About Us

About Us

Breakthrough Leadership Transformation Group is a premier leadership advisory firm better known as the leadership catalysts. We focus on enabling leaders and organizations to gain deep knowledge and practice authentic, inclusive and transformational leadership. This knowledge is then converted into intentional impact using a wide range of tools such as Breakthrough self-assessments, executive coaching, and mentorship programs.

To purposefully inspire & raise human & humane leaders - one person, one team, one organisation at a time - to become their Next Best Selves & reshape their leadership for multi-generational impact.

To be the premier leadership advisors transforming leaders to have a purposeful & positive impact across Africa & beyond.

Integrity and Honesty: We act with strong ethics, say what we mean and do what we say. We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, clients, and the public.

Excellence & Accountability: We work with the highest standard of output and accept responsibility for our actions (and inactions) so as to build trust internally and externally.

Quality and a high spirit of service: We exceed our clients’ expectations by creating an outstanding customer experience which begins with cheerful spirit of service and staying true to deliver the service we promised to them.

Learning Agility: We work with a culture of humility and continuous learning to enable our growth and evolution.

Teamwork & Collaboration: We work together by communicating effectively and creating something greater than ourselves as individuals.

Passion with an Owner Mindset: We work with joy as we serve our clients. We embrace an owner’s mindset which enables us to make decisions mindful of the business and clients so that everyone in our ecosystem can be courageous, innovative, and creative as they become their Next Best Selves.

About Us
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